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                                                                                                                           Indianapolis, IN 46239
Our History

     After graduating from high school in 1959, Don Riley was introduced to the world of signs by his uncle, Charlie Riley. After working in the sign industry for 25 years, Don took his experience and began Riley Signs in 1984. Within weeks, the business moved from Don’s garage to a 2,400 square foot building in Avon, Indiana, where it remained for 27 years. In 1985, Don took family member, Ted Riley, under his wing and trained him in the art of sign making and metal fabrication. Don also taught Ted that customer satisfaction and the quality of the product were more important than profit. Ted worked for Don at Riley Signs for six years. It was after that sixth year that he married and moved east. Ted continued in the sign industry for the next 26 years where he mastered the unique trade. He quickly realized that some companies in the industry were more interested in their bottom line than the customer and the finished product. With this knowledge, along with his want to begin his own company, Ted decided that it was time to return to the core values that Don had taught him several years earlier and embark on a new journey.

     In 2011, Ted and business partner, Andy Vieke, acquired Riley Signs and Sheet Metal and moved to the east side of Indianapolis. Although the business has a new location, the core values that Riley Signs were built upon long ago are still the foundation on which they do business today. They believe every customer should receive the personal attention they deserve and are committed to building superior signs and sheet metal products!

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